Growing with your Solar Energy System – Lower Beechmont, Gold Coast QLD

From the Hinterland to the Sea, ESC has you covered!

Tahlia and her partner are a busy couple, running a business from their serene property in Lower Beechmont.

They had been considering a renewable energy system for quite some time as they had a goal to reduce their bill significantly but wanted to understand the technology available as well as options for expansion in the future.

Being a Three-Phase property there are many ways to engineer solar only as well as solar and battery energy systems. Our focus was to ensure Tahlia and her partner understood the options available in today’s rapidly evolving renewable energy space.

We discussed the options of a system that is battery compatible as well as options to start off with a hybrid system and the advantages that come with it.

In the end, to satisfy all our client’s goals, we decided the best way forward would be a battery compatible Fronius Symo Inverter. A great quality Austrian Inverter with modern apps and monitoring to give Tahlia a full view of her home’s energy flow.

During installation, we were initially faced with a ‘line-of-sight’ challenge regarding communications from the system. After some trial and error, we were able to get the solar system communicating and reporting the Fronius application.

As the sun was setting on the gorgeous Gold Coast, the system was operating as designed and the family could not be happier. Any concerns regarding the look of traditional solar panels faded as they admired the All Black TrinaSolar Vertex Panels.

Thanks again to Tahlia and her family for putting your trust and home in our hands.
LocationLower Beechmont, Gold Coast QLD
Installation DateAugust, 2021
System Size12.5kW
Solution12.5kW TrinaSolar 390W All Black Vertex Panels
10kW Fronius Symo Three Phase Inverter
Fronius Smart Energy Meter
Online Monitoring
Carbon Displacement14.5 Tonnes
Energy Output Per Year18,141kWh
Annual Savings$3,079
Payback Period4 Years
Main Reason for PurchaseBill Reduction