The Battery Revolution is Here

There is a Battery Revolution happening right now, and it’s transforming the way we use energy forever. Battery storage systems are changing how we store power in homes and in businesses. Because of this, increasing numbers of Australians are installing solar batteries for financial, lifestyle and security reasons. 

So why are solar storage systems revolutionizing the way we live? For energy-conscious consumers with solar panels on a home or at a business, storing unused electricity in a battery for night use, and on days when there is low sunlight makes a lot of sense. And for those in the hinterland where power is less reliable, having solar power stored for inevitable blackouts is a no-brainer. 

What is a Solar Battery?

First up, let’s get familiar with what a solar battery actually is. A solar battery is a device that stores energy generated by the sun for use at night or in cases of power outages.  Battery storage systems are typically made up of large rechargeable batteries and provide protection from blackouts by storing backup energy, all with no monthly fees. By storing power produced by your solar panels in a battery, you can use it when you need it, rather than when it is generated.

Why solar batteries make sense for energy storage

A household’s self-consumption of solar energy can almost double when solar battery storage is installed, with generation and consumption increasing from 30 to 60%. For this reason, it’s little wonder that businesses and residences across Australia are increasingly installing batteries for excess energy storage, to reduce costs associated with buying power from the grid. 

Store excess solar power for night time use 

Solar panels don’t generate electricity at night. That’s because there is no energy from the sun. With solar battery storage your solar power system can store excess energy it has generated during the day, for night time use. You can continue benefiting from your solar panel energy production after sunset through solar battery storage.

The average Australian household may need around 11kWh of solar battery storage to support their night time usage, but it’s not necessary to completely offset all night time use with batteries. You may choose to partially offset your night time use to reduce your electricity costs from the grid, with a battery that has a lower capacity than 11kWh. 

Solar and battery systems: Protection from power outage

Don’t get left in the dark.  Utility grids often go down, particularly in hinterland and rural neighbourhoods. Whether the blackout is due to technical malfunctions or natural disasters caused by wild weather, solar and battery systems with blackout protection can help ensure your essential appliances including your fridge, lights, TV and radio are still able to operate when the grid falters.  

Energy Independence 

Solar battery storage gives you control of your energy finances and with that comes peace of mind. If you have solar panels, or are considering installing solar panels, investing in a battery is an important step toward energy independence. 

If you plan to go completely off-grid in your home or business, you will need solar battery storage. However remaining grid-connected means you have a hybrid approach, meaning you have less reliance on the grid without disconnecting. With more energy independence you can potentially lock in lower electric bills too.

If you want to take the next step toward energy independence, make the move now. Energy Solution Centre specialise in solar and battery storage solutions. Contact our Energy Experts for more information about a solar battery solution that’s right for your home or your business.  Reference: (