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Commercial customers looking to save on power bills, become more energy efficient, reduce their carbon footprint, become more sustainable and differentiate from their competitors while driving business profitability are our focus here at Energy Solution Centre

The benefits of commercial solar for your business include:

  • Reduction in your expenses by utilising free solar power
  • Potential tax benefits
  • The availability of finance options
  • Selling your excess power back to the grid via feed - in tariffs
  • Increase in the value of your property
  • Your contri bution toward a sustainable environment
  • Cost outlay benefits from current Government rebates
  • Differentiate yourself from your competitors

An Excellent Business Decision and Investment

Renewal energy sources like solar are a great way to make any business with a high energy usage, more viable. Energy Solution Centre can provide you with the complete commercial energy solution for your business
Increased Business Profitability
Environmentally Sustainable
Low Payback Periods
Renewable Energy
Our accredited team have years of design, engineering and installation experience enabling the most efficient commercial solar power solutions. We have extensive experience in small, medium and large commercial solar projects and deliver quality solutions built to last.
From commercial solar solutions, embedded networks, large scale battery systems, power factor correction, voltage optimisation, distributed meter consolidation, virtual power plants and more, we are the experts in commercial solar and commercial energy savings solutions.

How does it work?

Feasibility study for preliminary design and financial analysis
Technical design for most efficient system for your business
Seamless and professional installation by commercial experts
Ongoing maintenance and support of your investment

Solar Purchasing Options

There are a number of ways to purchase your commercial solar solution and realise the immediate benefits. We provide simple access to make it easy to purchase your commercial solar power system. Our three options are; Solar Finance, Outright Purchase, PPA.
Solar Finance
Utilise finance and avoid cash flow impact. Majority of cases your repayments are lower than your savings from time of installation.
Outright Purchase
Outright Purchase Pay no interest by purchasing the system upfront achieving the best possible return on investment.
Pay for lower electrify costs under a Power Purchase Agreement and end up owning the asset as part of this arrangement.

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