Benowa Solar System

Benowa Solar System

A Solar System fit for a multi-million dollar Benowa Residence

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Tim first discovered Energy Solution Centre while listening to one of his favourite radio stations on the Gold Coast. His intrigue led him to look up our business profile on Google and study our customer reviews.

Pleased with the consistent positive nature of our client experiences, he popped into the showroom for a download of everything solar relative to his home and goals. Leaving our state-of-the-art showroom, our next steps were to conduct a site inspection utilising our company drone for those hard-to-see/reach parts of the roof.

From there we designed and proposed a solution to Tim. He loved the multidirectional tilt-frame design of our proposal and awarded us the business.

Tim’s home is in the prominent Benowa Gardens estate; this multi-level, multi-million-dollar home was perfect for solar. An astute buyer looking for a premium retailer with a premium service with the goal of taking control of their energy bill and greatly reducing it.

To achieve this, we opted for the Trina Solar Vertex S+ range of solar panels for their superior efficiencies and performance while balancing great value for money. Utilising a 10kW Fronius Three Phase Inverter we were able to achieve a total system size of 10.38kW of Solar Panels. You can find similar systems to Tim's in our list of best sellers.

Due to the home being equipped with a multi-faceted roof design the solar system was engineered with careful consideration to the tracking of the sun all year round. Plenty of time and effort went into the design and installation of this project to make it such a success.

Upon completion of the installation, Tim was most impressed by the quality of work and attention to detail by our team and went on to say that our business was far ahead of the game and any competition.

They say pictures speak a thousand words, and although we believe this to be true, in addition to exploring the gallery from Tim's installation, below is the Google Review left after the completion of our installation.

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System Details

Location Benowa, Gold Coast
Installation Date June, 2022
System Size 10.3kW
Solution Trina Solar Vertex S+ Panels
Fronius Symo Three Phase Inverter
Fronius Smart Meter
Carbon Displacement Per Year 13.4 tons
Energy Output Per Year 16,798kWh
Annual Savings +$2,480
Payback Period 6.5 Years
Main Reasons for Purchase Reduce Energy Bills
Increase Energy Autonomy

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