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Tesla Powerwall 2

The Tesla Powerwall 2.0 is a solar battery with one of the highest energy capacities on the market at 13.kWh in a single integrated unit.
Powerwall 2 stores energy, detects outages and automatically becomes your home's energy source when the grid goes down.
Unlike many other battery units on the market, the Powerwall keeps power to your critical circuits like your lights and fridges when losing grid power. Paired with a good installed solar system and taking energy from the sun, the Powerwall will keep your appliances running for days.

You will value these features and more from the TESLA POWERWALL 2

  • maintenance free, fully automated system with easy to use monitoring
  • inbuilt DC-AC inverter
  • sleek, durable and modern design
  • Wall or floor mounted options with up to 10 battery units stacked together if needed
  • Safe for home with no overheating or wires.
  • Weatherproof battery
  • The liquid thermal control system controls Powerwall’s internal temperature to enhance performance in any climate.
  • Will act as a backup power supply in the event of a power cut with the addition of a backup gateway 2.
Tesla batteries are a great choice and well suited to Australian conditions. If you are looking for a high performance battery, look no further than the Tesla battery.

Manufacturer's Warranty

  • 10 year defect warranty
  • Guaranteed 70% consumption rate at 10 years from installation
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Redback Technologies

Australian owned and designed; sleek, sophisticated and incredibly efficient, the Redback Smart Hybrid System is changing the face of solar power. Each Redback Smart Hybrid System includes a hybrid inverter, balance of system (BoS) and the battery enclosure. There is no need for additional cables or cabinets, which reduces the overall cost of the installation.

Energy Solution Centre is a Certified Redback Retailer and Redback Technologies preferred installer.

Redback Technologies features

  • Streamlined all-in-one design
  • 5kW - 13.3kW solar output
  • 4.8 – 28.4kWh modular battery storage
  • Single or Three Phase options
  • Uninterrupted backup power integrated
  • Powerful yet simple portal and app

    Manufacturer's Warranty

    • 10 year warranty
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    The combination of 10 years of German innovation in design and engineering, along with local production in South Australia, Sonnen’s expertise delivers thousands of quality and intelligent home battery storage systems across Australia and New Zealand.

    The sonnen Batterie is not just a battery, it's an intelligent storage system that automatically adjusts the energy usage in your household. 
    Sonnen has both a Hybrid and AC Coupled units expandable from 5kWh – 15kWh battery solutions in sleek, very modern looking enclosures.

    Sonnen Batterie features

    • Single and Three Phase options
    • Hybrid and AC Coupled solutions available
    • Modular design expandable from 2.5kWh to 15kWh capacity
    • Safe Lithium Ferro Phosphate technology
    • Backup Power off-grid capabilities
    • Virtual Power Plant ready Can be mounted outdoors

      Manufacturer's Warranty

      • 10 year warranty
      • 10,000 compete recharge cycles
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      Soltaro’s home battery storage range is comprehensive. Expandable storage that is durable, well designed and meant to last. Beautifully designed domestic battery storage blends seamlessly in all settings.

      Features of All in One ESS Lite

      • Australian designed and engineered
      • Wall or ground mounted
      • Expandable and stackable, to grow with you
      • Virtual power plant ready
      • Seamless switchover to keep you powered during outages
      • Local and remote monitoring.
      • Available in hybrid or AC coupled inverter options.

        Manufacturer’s Warranty

        • 10 year standard Warranty
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