Soltaro AIO2

Energy Storage Evolved

Available in Hybrid or AC Coupled Inverter options

Available in 5kWh or 10kWh Expandable Modules

Virtual Power Plant (VPP) ready


Brains Meet Beauty

The Soltaro AIO2 can be used both on-grid and off-grid. It is also capable of being used for an on-grid battery backup. This gives the AIO2 the ultimate flexibility for homes and small businesses who need to ensure they don’t lose power when it matters most.

As the AIO2 incorporates MPPT technology, it will always allow you to get the best out of your solar PV system.

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Designed with YOU in Mind

Expandable Storage

The batteries are also modular. You can add more battery storage up to 18 months after your initial installation.

By allowing for changing energy needs and lifestyle changes, you’re never buying more capacity then you need at that time.

The Soltaro AIO2 is available in 5kWh or 10kWh options. With the ability to expand 3 times the initial capacity.

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Built-in blackout protection (UPS)

Suitable for both indoor and outdoor installation (IP65 rating)

Australian Designed & Engineered


Intelligent Energy

We build our systems with flexibility and ease of use in mind, regardless of home size, position or existing PV array. We have a system or battery to work for every home.

Our systems can be positioned in or outdoors and can be remotely monitored via our app or on the front of the unit itself.

You’ll always be in control of the performance of your system and see exactly when you’re generating, storing or using your power

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Designed to be Displayed

The Soltaro AIO2 battery storage system is designed to be wall mounted, look good and take up less space in your home.

Our contemporary designs can be showcased and will be something you want to show off, not hide away (unlike some systems we could mention). From the high-quality inner & outer casing materials to the rounded child-friendly corners and whisper quiet technology.

Every part has been carefully designed to look as good as it performs.

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Soltaro AIO2

Energy Capacity
5kWh - 30kWh
95% depth of discharge
97.5% Inverter Efficiency

5kW Hybrid Inverter
Up to 5.12kW Charge Power
Up to 5.12kW Discharge Power

Size and Weight
H x W x D
680 mm x 540 mm x 210 mm
85 kg - 10kWh Variant

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Water and Dust resistance to IP65
Ambient Temps:
- Charge: 0°C to 45°C
- Discharge: -10°C to 50°C

Meets local safety standards and regulations

10 Year Warranty or 10,000 Charging Cycles


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