Energizer Homepower

Power you can count on

AC Coupled for both New and Retrofitted Installations

6.1 kWh expandable up to 24.4 kWh

Virtual Power Plant (VPP) ready


Modular Power

The all-in-one home energy storage solution.

Energizer Homepower is an intelligent energy storage system that will transform the way you utilise your solar energy.

Expandable to meet your evolving needs, Energizer Homepower's modular design allows you to add additional units with a maximum total capacity of 24.4 kWh.

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No More Wasted Energy

Energize your Home

Use the stored energy to power your home through the night and keep essential loads operating through blackouts via the backup functionality of the Energizer Homepower.

The Energizer Homepower furthers it's flexibility with suitability for both indoor and outdoor installations.

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Suitable for both indoor and outdoor installation (IP65 rating)

Built-in blackout protection (UPS)

A brand you can trust, makers of durable, long-lasting batteries since 1896


Intelligent Energy

Equipped with sophisticated software, Energizer Homepower allows you to control your energy usage and solar production from anywhere around the world. Become more energy independent and make important lifestyle or financial decisions in real-time, anytime.

  • 24x7 energy management through Energizer Homepower App
  • Available on iOS, Android and the Web
  • Virtual Power Plant enabled to allow energy trading
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Discreet Control

With the Magna-Flap system easy access to the system controls and installer access panel is achieved, all cleverly concealed behind a patented weatherproof flap leaving a clean and tidy finish.

With an IP65 Rating, homeowners can add the sleek Energizer Homepower battery to their home in Arctic White or Onyx Black both indoors and outdoors. It's time to take your power back with the Energizer Homepower storage system.

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Energy Capacity
6.1 kWh - 24.4 kWh
95% depth of discharge
94% Inverter Efficiency

5kW Hybrid Inverter
3.6kW Charge Power
3.6kW Discharge Power

Size and Weight
H x W x D
1244 mm x 420 mm x 183 mm
98.5 kg
Steel (Powder coated) / Aluminium (Anodised)

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Water and Dust resistance to IP65
Ambient Temps:
- Charge: 0°C to 45°C
- Discharge: -20°C to 50°C

Meets local safety standards and regulations

10 Year Manufacturer Warranty


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