Reedy Creek Solar & Battery System

Reedy Creek Solar & Battery System

A Combination of Smart Hybrid Systems and Standalone Inverters

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Alan first discovered Energy Solution Centre through typical Google searches and was drawn to our brand and online presence, including our social media presence and positive customer reviews. Intrigued by our reputation, he decided to visit our showroom multiple times to explore his options further. The process eventually led to site inspections and a final solution presentation back at the showroom.

Alan's initial interaction with us stemmed from his recent purchase of a new house. He had a clear goal in mind: to build a substantial energy system that included energy storage. Alan was aware that we were renowned as the go-to experts on the coast for energy storage solutions, which further motivated his interest in our services.

What made Alan's interaction unique was his strong emphasis on energy security and the desire to harness a significant amount of energy for future growth. His commitment to having a reliable energy source and the potential for expansion set this project apart.

During the assessment phase, Alan, being a high-tech enthusiast, greatly appreciated the advanced tools and resources we used. The presentation of our high-end equipment and technologies resonated with his tech-savvy nature.

Utilising a total of 38 Trina Solar Vertex Panels we were able to build a total system size of 15.2kW of solar. Being a single-phase home we are limited to a total inverter capacity of 10kW. To maximise yield and customisability we included a RedBack Smart Hybrid with an in-built 14.2kWh of battery storage as well as a 5kW Fronius Single Phase Inverter to manage the remaining solar panels. Both inverter systems will communicate and work together to provide maximum efficiency and battery management.

In the end, the project was a success, and Alan was impressed by the quality of our service and our ability to meet his high-tech and energy security requirements.

They say pictures speak a thousand words, and although we believe this to be true, in addition to exploring the gallery from Alan's installation, below are Google Reviews left after the completion of our installations.

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System Details

Location Reedy Creek, Gold Coast
Installation Date May, 2022
System Size 15.2kW
Solution Trina Vertex S Solar Panels
RedBack Single Phase Smart Hybrid System
Built-In 14.2kWh Pylontech Batteries
Fronius 5kWh Single Phase Inverter
Smart Energy Meter
Carbon Displacement Per Year 15.8 tons
Energy Output Per Year 21,486kWh
Annual Savings +$4,029
Payback Period 8.9 Years
Main Reasons for Purchase Build a substantial system for their new home
to cater for existing and future needs

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