Why Investing in Solar Gold Coast Makes Sense

Energy Solution Centre is out to find out Why Investing in Solar Gold Coast Makes Sense

Investing in Solar on the Gold Coast

With the interest rate rise over this past week and costs of living continuing to increase, there is no better time for consumers to start looking at alternative ways of saving money via reducing the costs of their household utility bills.

Reviewing household expenditure costs is generally considered a task that most people put off doing it, as the task itself is often perceived to be difficult, time-consuming, and not economically beneficial; however, it is this belief that results in most households continuing to pay too much for services that could in fact, be the key factor in saving them thousands of dollars each year.

One major way of reducing costs to households is by decreasing the amount of money spent on electricity costs.

If it doesn't make dollars...

Whilst it's true that comparing electricity prices can at times be a laborious task, the real downside is that too often, it results in very little cost savings because people are “comparing apples with apples” - it's the “do as you've always done and get what you've always gotten mentality”.

However, savvy consumers are starting to think of "long term gains" and long term cost savings - no longer are they comparing electricity providers to see what minimal cost savings might be on offer; they are now thinking of long-term cost-saving options and exploring alternative options with Solar Gold Coast and in doing so, saving themselves at times up to a whopping 70% on their electricity bills.

Short versus Long-Term Investment in Solar Gold Coast

Whilst previously, some consumers were afraid to invest in the initial capital outlay of having solar panels and batteries installed in their homes, times are rapidly changing as consumer awareness increases.

It only takes an observant eye to drive down any street on the Gold Coast to see just how many solar panels are lining up on rooftops everywhere.

Why? Because home-owners know that the cost savings over time with Solar Gold Coast panels are significant and the initial investment in purchase and installation far outweighs the costs of not doing so.

Why is Solar Gold Coast becoming more popular?

Whilst in the past, there was a certain level of "fear of the unknown", the Solar Gold Coast industry has come a long way in recent years and has earned itself a solid reputation for providing genuine cost savings and allowing consumers to take their power back by sourcing their own electricity solutions.

Likewise, technology is advancing at a significant rate and more and more consumers are leaning toward more energy-efficient solutions when it comes to powering their homes and even down to the choice of vehicles that they drive (new EV/Tesla anyone?)

Why Does it Make Sense to Switch to Solar Gold Coast?

Given we are blessed to receive (on average) 4.2 hours of total sun exposure each day (i.e efficient sunlight hours across 365 days and as specified by the Clean Energy Council), the Gold Coast is famous for being one of the sunniest cities in the country, as well as one of the best locations for solar power globally.

Besides magnificent sun exposure, the Gold Coast receives on average, 4.81kWh per square metre of solar irradiation every day. As such, households with Solar Gold Coast panels will receive 4.81 kWh of power per square metre for nearly every day that they are in operation.

In the past, purchasing and installing smaller solar systems was a popular choice, due to how expensive it was to install Solar Gold Coast panels;

however, with growing demand and advancements in technology in a booming industry, the costs of supply have significantly reduced, making it more viable to install a more extensive system at a much more economical cost.

Currently the average solar system size on the Gold Coast is 6.6kW, yet more commonly we are installing systems in excess of 10kW all the time.

These larger systems can generate huge amounts of power per day which is undoubtedly impressive and give customers a greater range of options when it comes to using this self-generated renewable energy in their homes.

What are the Benefits of Switching to Solar and Batteries?

  • Long Term Cost Savings on your electricity bills
  • Store generated power in batteries for nighttime use
  • Protect the home from grid outages providing power to essential circuits
  • Tap into VPP’s (Virtual Power Plants) for further income generation
  • Increase the value of your home
  • Protecting our future generations with a cleaner environment by renewable energy visionaries that offer whole-home energy solutions, so I’ll let you decide…

Energy Solution Centre - Showroom & Technology Centre

Here at Energy Solution Centre, we pride ourselves on being your number one source of up to date industry knowledge and experience on the Gold Coast.

Our Energy Solution Centre Education Hub is open 6 days a week to assist you with learning all that you need to know about Solar Gold Coast.

We're not just about selling, we actually pride ourselves on our service - taking the time to educate our clients, ensuring that they understand their options and are able to then make an informed choice about the right system to meet their needs.

Our Mission at ESC

It is our mission to usher in a new era of premium renewable energy & to deliver a stellar customer experience along with it.

Whether it be your home, your office, or a large commercial premises, our team is available to assist you with information, product selection, design and purchase, installation, and ongoing maintenance and support.

There is no better time than now to start considering the cost savings that switching to solar and battery can provide.

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