Benowa Solar & Battery System

Benowa Solar & Battery System

A perfect match between solar and battery

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Paul from Benowa on the Gold Coast first visited our showroom and experience centre in Nerang in search of a solution that would provide his home with ample power with a battery storage solution that could get help them with peak shaving as well as provide them with some backup support should the grid be down for maintenance or outages in general. To learn more about peak shaving and other features enabled by installing a solar battery Benowa, see our blog 'Is a Home Solar Battery Worth It?'.

Paul was eager to make a decision and move quickly so after doing our due diligence in assessing Paul and his family home in Benowa, Gold Coast needs we landed on a SolarEdge Home Solution.

For the Solar side of things, the perfect choice of solar panel Benowa was from the REC Alpha Pure Series. With over 30 400W REC solar panels, we achieved a system size of over 13kW. The next step was to assign the correct optimiser for the type of REC solar panel being used. As a result, we coupled each solar panel with a SolarEdge S440 Optimiser. To learn more about how these optimisers work their magic, check out our breakdown of the SolarEdge Home product suite.

To manage this 13.3kW REC Solar Panel system, we brought in a 10kW SolarEdge Home Hub with an in-built Energy Meter. There are many advantages and upgraded efficiencies with the new SolarEdge Home Hub but most importantly it allowed us to connect a SolarEdge Home Battery. Coupled with a SolarEdge Backup Interface this 10kWh battery will help get this Benowa, Gold Coast home through the peak periods of energy demand in the evenings as well as hold a reserve of energy to provide for Paul's essential circuits should there be an outage at any time.

They say pictures speak a thousand words, and although we believe this to be true, in addition to exploring the gallery from Paul's installation, below are Google Reviews left after the completion of our installations.

Want a system like this but don't know how just how big or small? Check out our FREE Solar Battery Online Calculator below.

System Details

Location Benowa, Gold Coast
Installation Date June, 2022
System Size 13.3kW
Solution REC Alpha PURE Series Solar Panels
SolarEdge S440 Optimisers
SolarEdge Home Hub Inverter
SolarEdge Home Battery
SolarEdge Backup Interface
Hot Water Timer
Carbon Displacement Per Year 15.8 tons
Energy Output Per Year 19,729kWh
Annual Savings +$3,450
Payback Period 8.9 Years
Main Reasons for Purchase Reduce Energy Bills
Increase Energy Autonomy

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