Clagiraba Shade Optimised Solar System

Clagiraba Shade Optimised Solar System

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Sue from Clagiraba, Gold Coast first reached out via an online enquiry to learn more about her options. As with all our customers, we want to understand their energy goals for the present and the future to ensure our advice gives them the option to pivot when necessary. A big part of Sue's enquiry was that she wanted to gain a better understanding of the everchanging energy network and how some products can offer more future-proofing than others

After speaking on the phone with Sue we decided the best approach was to invite them into our showroom and experience centre in Nerang where we could dedicate time to walking Sue and her husband through all that they needed to know. Being a physical location and having all the trusted brands on display alongside our accreditations to install products from our partners is a great was to help our clients understand and appreciate The ESC Difference.

From our consultation with Sue and her husband, the most effective solution for them was to take advantage of SolarEdge's product suite. This enables us to combat the moderate shading in both the early mornings and late afternoons as well as provide the foundation of a system that will support the battery storage they will need in the future for their gorgeous Clagiraba Gold Coast home.

For the Solar side of things, the choice of solar panel Clagiraba ended up being Trina Vertex S+ Solar Panels. Providing this Clagiraba home with high efficiencies, great performance and great value. With over 30 of these Trina Vertex S+ solar panels, we achieved a system size of over 13kW. The next step was to connect the correct optimiser for the type of Trina solar panel being used. As a result, we coupled each solar panel with a SolarEdge S440 Optimiser. To learn more about how these optimisers work their magic, check out our breakdown of the SolarEdge Home product suite.

To take full advantage of this 13.3kW Trina Solar System Clagiraba, we enlisted a 10kW SolarEdge Home Hub with an in-built Energy Meter. For us to support the future goals of this Clagiraba home of having a solar battery, the SolarEdge Home Hub was a perfect choice! This will allow us to connect up to 30kWh of battery storage in the future as well as provide backup circuit protection with the help of a SolarEdge Backup Interface.

If you are still on the fence about making your home future-proof and truly battery ready, check out our blog on 'Is a Home Solar Battery Worth It?'

They say pictures speak a thousand words, and although we believe this to be true, in addition to exploring the gallery from Sue's installation, below is Sue's Google Review left after the completion of his installation.

Want a system like this but don't know how just how big or small? Check out our FREE Solar Battery Online Calculator below.

System Details

Location Clagiraba, Gold Coast
Installation Date November, 2022
System Size 13.3kW
Solution Trina Vertex S+ Solar Panels
SolarEdge S440 Optimisers
SolarEdge Home Hub Inverter
SolarEdge Home Battery
SolarEdge Backup Interface
SolarEdge Wireless Gateway
Carbon Displacement Per Year 17.2 tons
Energy Output Per Year 21,531kWh
Annual Savings +$2,525
Payback Period 7.2 Years
Main Reasons for Purchase Reduce Energy Bills
Increase Energy Autonomy
True Battery Ready

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