Tambourine Mountain Solar & Battery System

Tambourine Mountain Solar & Battery System

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Additional 6.6kW
Solar System

DC Optimised System
with Battery

Saved Per Year

Luke and Shelley from Tamborine Mountain first made contact with Energy Solution Centre by walking into our showroom and technology centre in Nerang, Gold Coast after having driven past many times.

The main reason that motivated them to come into the showroom was that since purchasing their new home in Tamborine Mountain they had experienced multiple long and short blackouts. It got to the point where they were ultimately annoyed by this and wondered what could be done with their existing 6.6kW solar system to further reduce the remainder of their energy bill..

As with many of our clients that enter our showroom, we like to go through a brief knowledge checklist to confirm that they understand the technology, the network restrictions and limitations, and how to ensure their home will function and be compatible with future technology.

Once we brought the couple up to speed, we went on to discuss their options and pathways to achieving their goals of reducing their energy bills and maintaining power to their essential circuits in the house.

After several potential system designs, we decided the most efficient, advantageous, and economical solution was to remove the existing 5kW inverter that managed the existing 6.6kW of solar power and install a brand new SolarEdge 10kW Home Hub Inverter. Due to SolarEdge being a DC optimised system, we are able to install optimisers on the existing solar array, as well as, add an additional 6.6kW solar system to bring the total system size to 13.3kW.

Once we established the additional energy generation, we utilised the SolarEdge Home product suite to install a Backup Interface and their 10kWh Battery. Together, they will ensure that the next time the power goes out, the lights stay on as well as several other circuits nominated by our clients.

If you are still on the fence about making your home future-proof and truly battery ready, check out our blog on 'Is a Home Solar Battery Worth It?'

They say pictures speak a thousand words, and although we believe this to be true, in addition to exploring the gallery from Luke and Shelley's installation, below is Luke's Google Review left after the completion of his installation.

Want a system like this but don't know how just how big or small? Check out our FREE Solar Battery Online Calculator below.

System Details

Location Tamborine Mountain, Gold Coast
Installation Date November, 2022
System Size 13.3kW
Solution Trina Vertex S+ Solar Panels
SolarEdge S440 Optimisers
SolarEdge Home Hub Inverter
SolarEdge Home Battery
SolarEdge Backup Interface
SolarEdge Wireless Gateway
Carbon Displacement Per Year 17.2 tons
Energy Output Per Year 21,531kWh
Annual Savings +$2,525
Payback Period 7.2 Years
Main Reasons for Purchase Reduce Energy Bills
Increase Energy Autonomy

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