What is the Queensland Battery Booster Program?

The Queensland Battery Booster Program is your golden ticket to energy independence and substantial savings. But here’s the catch: time is ticking!

Important Notice: Battery Booster Program Closing Soon

Queenslanders have until 11:59pm on 8 May 2024 to get a quote from an Approved Installer or a retailer and submit an application to QRIDA for conditional approval. Approved Battery Systems must be installed within 90 days of receiving conditional approval.

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As you know, the Queensland Government's innovative Battery Booster Program, also known as the QLD Battery Rebate Program, launched on February 12, 2024!

This forward-thinking initiative empowers Queensland homeowners like yourself to invest in home battery systems.

Don't miss out! The program offers financial incentives to eligible residents, making solar battery storage a more accessible and attractive option than ever before.

At Energy Solution Centre, a trusted Battery Booster approved installer, we're here to guide you every step of the way through the QLD Battery Booster Program.

We'll help you maximise the program's benefits and ensure a smooth transition to solar battery storage for your home.

How Much is the Rebate?

Before we delve deeper into the QLD Rebate Program, let's address a key question: how much can you save?

The program offers two tiers of rebates to incentivise participation:

  • Standard Rebate: Queensland homeowners with a combined household taxable income of less than $180,000 for the most recently ended financial year can qualify for a rebate of up to $3,000

  • Low-Income Rebate: Households where the highest income earner earned $66,667 or less for the most recently ended financial year can benefit from a higher rebate of up to $4,000.

Benefits of Participating in the Battery Booster Program

There are numerous advantages to participating in the Battery Booster Program:

  • Reduced Energy Bills: By storing excess solar energy generated during the day for use at night or peak demand periods, you can potentially achieve significant savings on your electricity bills.

  • Increased Energy Independence: With a home battery system, you become less reliant on the grid and fluctuations in energy prices.

  • Sustainable Living: Battery storage allows you to maximise the use of renewable energy generated by your solar PV system, contributing to a cleaner and more sustainable future.

  • Potential to Participate in Virtual Power Plants (VPPs): Some battery systems allow you to join a VPP, which can provide additional financial benefits by contributing excess stored energy back to the grid during peak usage times.

The Role and Impact

The Battery Booster Program plays a crucial role in Queensland's renewable energy transition. By incentivising homeowners to install battery systems, the program fosters greater energy independence and a more sustainable future for the state.

This program also supports the growth of the clean energy sector, creating jobs and economic opportunities.

Eligibility for the Battery Rebate Program

To be eligible for the Battery Booster rebate, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Queensland Residency: You must be a homeowner residing in Queensland.

  • Income Threshold: Your combined household taxable income for the most recently ended financial year must be less than $180,000.

  • Property Ownership: The battery system will be installed on a Queensland residential property you own, including houses, community lots, or granny flats.

  • Minimum Solar Power: You'll need an existing solar photovoltaic (PV) system with a minimum capacity of 5kW. If you don't have solar panels yet, you can explore adding a new system alongside your battery purchase. Remember, the solar PV system must be up and running before installing the battery.

  • Approved Battery System: The chosen battery system must be on the Queensland Government's list of approved battery systems. This ensures compatibility with your solar PV system and meets essential safety and performance standards. Energy Solution Centre can simplify this process by helping you select a suitable approved battery system.

  • Minimum Battery Capacity: There's a minimum battery capacity requirement, typically 6 kilowatt-hours (kWh) or more. However, the specific minimum size can vary depending on your solar PV system's capabilities. A qualified solar technician can help you determine the appropriate battery size for your needs.

  • Recent Battery Purchase: The battery system must be purchased on or after February 12, 2024 to be eligible for the rebate.

  • Approved Installer: The installation must be completed by a Battery Booster approved installer, like Energy Solution Centre. This guarantees the installation adheres to all safety regulations and program requirements. Here is a link to QLD Battery Rebate Program approved installer list.

  • Safety Inspection: Following installation, a qualified Queensland Government inspector will visit your property to conduct a safety inspection of the entire system, including the battery and your existing solar PV system. Successfully passing this inspection is crucial for receiving the rebate.

For detailed information regarding the full eligibility criteria, please visit the Queensland Government website here.

Navigating these requirements can seem overwhelming, but you don't have to go it alone! Energy Solution Centre's team of experts is here to guide you every step of the way.

We can assess your existing solar setup, recommend compatible Queensland Government-approved battery systems, and ensure a smooth experience throughout the entire process.

Contact us today for a free consultation on the Queensland Battery Booster Program!

How to Apply for the Battery Booster Rebate

The Queensland Government manages the application process directly for the Battery Booster Program. Here's a quick breakdown of the steps involved:

1. Conditional Approval:

Before purchasing and installing your battery system, you'll need to secure conditional approval from the Queensland Government. To achieve this, obtain a quote from a Battery Booster approved installer (click here to get a quote).

With the quote in hand, you can then submit an application for conditional approval through the Queensland Government website.

2. Rebate Approval and Installation:

Once you receive conditional approval, you can proceed with purchasing and installing the approved battery system.

Remember, the Queensland Government emphasises that you'll need to demonstrate your continued eligibility when applying for the final rebate payment after installation and system payment.

3. Final Rebate Payment and Safety Inspection:

Following installation and system payment, submit your invoice to the government to claim your rebate.

Finally, a Queensland Government-appointed inspector will visit your property to conduct a safety inspection of the entire system, including the battery and your existing solar PV system. Once this inspection is passed, you'll receive your well-deserved rebate!

The Queensland Government manages the application process directly. To initiate your participation in the program,  visit the Queensland Government website by clicking the link below:

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