The Search for the Best Solar Company Gold Coast

Discover the Best Solar Company Gold Coast and the Sliding Scale of Gold Coast Solar Companies

Discover the Best Solar Company Gold Coast

They say competition brings out the best of business and innovation. We tend to focus on the positive aspects of competition and ignore the downsides of excess competition.

In this blog, we are going to explore Gold Coast Solar Companies, not by name but through behaviours and discover why Energy Solution Centre is the Best Solar Company Gold Coast.

Solar Installers Gold Coast flocked in the late 2000s as feed-in tariffs were at their highest and opportunity was abundant.

Fast forward a decade or so later and Solar Gold Coast is riddled with problematic and non-compliant solar systems meanwhile solar installers Gold Coast have vanished quicker than Thanos’ Finger Snap in Avengers Infinity War.

The Sliding Scale of Gold Coast Solar Companies

Gold Coast Solar Companies although still vulnerable to cowboys have drastically reduced in numbers. These days a simple search will highlight the few big names that have stood the test of time.

Not necessarily through exemplary customer service but through sheer numbers. Utilising ‘solar sweatshops’ they are the first to call you in the middle of your lunch break with a good ol’ 6.6kW system to knock out that bill they are yet to ask about all because you clicked on a ‘solar something’ article online.

Ultimately, these Gold Coast Solar Companies lack vision and should these behaviours continue, will render themselves obsolete. It is known that humans are emotional beings, and therefore the ‘solar rush’ of the Gold Coast in the 2000s saw many homeowners fall victim to common sales tactics from Gold Coast Solar Companies.

Energy Solution Centre - the Best Solar Company Gold Coast?

However, these days with such easy access to many lifetimes worth of information, the marketplace is split in two; those seeking a partner that can connect them with what they want and already know, and are looking for it to be verified by an expert; and secondly, a destination with a positive reputation for honesty, professionalism, quality of information and installation that also offers a hands-on and engaging experience.

With that being said, I would like to introduce you to the Energy Solution Centre and its Gold Coast-based Showroom and technology centre.

So, could Energy Solution Centre be the Best Solar Company Gold Coast?

Let’s take a look into what differentiates this Gold Coast Solar Company from all other Gold Coast Solar Companies.

Energy Solution Centre – Showroom & Technology Centre

ESC currently has a showroom and technology centre based in Nerang on the Gold Coast where they display all the leading Solar Panels including but not limited to REC, Sunpower, QCells, Canadian Solar and Trina Solar.

The team of Energy Solution Specialists are super friendly, knowledgeable and approach their work as a project, not just another solar system. They focus on everything YOU. Connecting you with the goals you want to achieve and explaining their process along the way.

From the energy education piece to designing you an energy solution based on your family and home’s energy demands and habits, they leave no stone unturned, an Energy Consultation with ESC is by far the only one of its kind. No other Gold Coast Solar Companies offer anything like this.

As solar batteries and hybrid battery solutions are all the rave, you can rest assured knowing they have all the latest tech and brands on display in their showroom, including the Tesla Powerwall 2, Energizer Homepower, QCells QHome, RedBack, Sonnen, Soltaro and so much more!

So, could Energy Solution Centre be the Best Solar Company Gold Coast?

Energy Solution Centre – ‘The ESC Experience’

Something I really appreciate about Energy Solution Centre and a big tick in my opinion as to why they could be the Best Solar Company Gold Coast is their upfront nature.

As a consumer, we’re used to wanting to be told what we want to hear, not necessarily what we need to hear. As part of their Energy Consultation process is a site visit/inspection where they ‘do their thing’ to figure out what systems/technology will and won’t work.

When researching this topic, I was privileged to many conversations that saw the team of Energy Solution Specialists going over and above to identify so many areas of potential challenges with both properties, roofs, existing electrical infrastructure and so on.

What I admired the most was the process from a site inspection to the in-showroom energy consultation and how the team is able to translate their technical findings into simple explanations and solutions. All aided with their interactive screens for the visual learner.

To ESC’s credit they don’t stop there, not only are they experts at identifying challenges and thinking of the details they were transparent with all their clients around costs to rectify some challenges. This upfront nature makes them a trustworthy, professional and admired team in such a crowded industry.

Is this why Energy Solution Centre could be the Best Solar Company Gold Coast?

Energy Solution Centre vs Gold Coast Solar Companies

I am limited to the characters of this blog, but during my time observing Energy Solution Centre this approach to solving problems, genuinely helping clients achieve goals and their posture throughout the entire process was something to admire and thank the stars that business like this still exist.

Businesses that advocate transparency, honesty and quality of work while guiding you through what can be a daunting process and considerable investment.

So, could Energy Solution Centre be the Best Solar Company Gold Coast?

I certainly believe they are pioneers and visionaries that offer whole-home energy solutions, so I’ll let you decide…

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