Energising your Life and EV with Gold Coast Solar

Living with Gold Coast Solar

What is it like living with Gold Coast Solar?

Picture this. You wake with the warm sensation of the Gold Coast sun peeking through a small gap in your bedroom curtains. One of those crisp mornings just waiting to fill the day with radiant sunshine.

You spring out of bed and hop into the shower, with the steaming water on your face you’re reminded of the days before installing your heat pump, powered by Gold Coast Solar.

You get dressed and head downstairs where your coffee machine has awakened and pre-warmed its elements to make you a fresh-tasting coffee at the push of a button.

Powered by the Sun - From your Home to your EV

Then stepping over to the Fridge with inverter technology, you grab your chilled ingredients to make your family a light and refreshing breakfast. While at your fridge you notice the inbuilt screen displaying your Gold Coast Solar system is energising your home.

Soon enough you’re ready to leave for your day so you head to the garage where you’re greeted by your electric vehicle. Patiently standing by waiting for you. You unplug the EV charger, place it in its mount and hop in the vehicle.

While getting settled in the car you notice that in the short time the sun was up your smart charger has utilised Gold Coast Solar to top up your EV.

As you glance at the dashboard of your electric vehicle you’re reminded of the days before switching to EV, and living a lifestyle powered by Solar Power Gold Coast.

Petrol Station Line Ups - No More!

Unlike in the past, your mechanical sympathy plays no role. You switch the vehicle on, and it is ready to hit the road, no warmup, no waste, no wear.

You creep out of the garage and head on down the road without a single sound leaving your newborn’s precious sleep uninterrupted.

Heading into town your take notice of long line-ups at several petrol stations, with people desperately trying to fill up and get back on the road. Meanwhile, you silently pass them by and are reminded of the time your life wasn’t powered by Gold Coast Solar.

During your day you notice how beautiful the weather is, you think of the glistening ocean and just how refreshing it would be to dive in. At that moment you recall your swimming pool at home.

Unfortunately, you will arrive home as the sun is setting meaning the water will be beyond refreshing and entering chilling.

Live 365 Days – Uninterrupted

But wait, that was only an issue when your life wasn’t energised by Gold Coast Solar, you pull out your phone and open the app that controls your pool’s heat pump and instruct it to divert excess Gold Coast Solar Power to your heat pump to achieve your ideal swimming temperature.

You wrap up your workday and begin your journey home. After a stressful day you’re grateful for the smooth and silent ride as you listen to your favourite audios.

A short while later you pull into your garage, connect your smart charger in an instant and head inside to greet your family, just as your newborn is dozing off.

You tell your partner to grab their bathers as you’re both going to go for a swim. At first, they’re hesitant as the cool evening air is setting in but you remind them the water is sitting at a cosy 27 degrees thanks to Solar Power Gold Coast.

Energy Solution Centre – A Greener Gold Coast

After your swim you hop into the shower and are met with perfect temperatures while you enjoy a longer than usual shower knowing your heat pump operates with maximum efficiency and takes advantage of Solar Power Gold Coast throughout the day.

To wind the night, you and your partner meet on the couch to watch your favourite series but after getting comfortable you realise you left the lights on. Without hesitation, you open your lighting control app and dim the living room lights without having to interrupt your couch cuddles.

You both slowly drift off to sleep, recharging for a new day of energising your lives and electric vehicle with Gold Coast Solar.

Our Team is Here for YOU

At Energy Solution Centre we have helped many clients create more energy efficient lifestyle.

We understand our customers and work diligently to connect them with their energy, lifestyle, and monetary goals without sacrificing comfortability.

We coach power management and support our clients through data and ongoing relationships.

Get in touch with our team of Energy Solution Specialists and begin energising your lifestyle with Solar Power Gold Coast.

Want to Learn More?

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