Australia’s Energy Supply & How It Impacts Solar Battery Gold Coast?

Reviewing the Effects of Australia's Energy Supply

Energy Supply Impact Solar Battery Gold Coast

These are the questions many homeowners are asking as they wonder whether they are about to start experiencing electricity blackouts.

It’s a complex situation and one that would take hours to explain but suffice to say, it’s a problem that has been years in the making and the potential for blackouts is becoming more of a probability than a possibility.

With disappearing and diminishing tariffs and grid concerns driving up demand, people are wanting more independence from the grid and are beginning to source alternative options for backup power supply – that’s where solar battery gold coast comes in.

Many households are now presenting with higher electricity consumption than ever before due to technological advancements in the home, along with the introduction of electric vehicles.

Usage is up and electricity costs are rising, therefore it’s common sense that people are beginning to see the value in investing in solar battery Gold Coast storage for their homes to enable them more freedom and less reliance on the grid.

Independance & Protection with Solar Battery Gold Coast

Solar Battery Gold Coast offers people independence and protection, along with long term cost savings.

It avails extra penalties like demand charges that have slowly crept in and allows consumers to tap into new and evolving energy trading schemes to further benefit financially and improve their return on investment.

Given the current global economic climate where interest and cash rates are rising; a global recession is looming, and many are starting to feel the “pinch” as the costs of living & mortgage rates rise.

Inflation rates are forecast to continue to increase, meaning battery costs are not coming down - in fact, they are set to become increasingly more expensive as manufacture and import costs rise.

Don't Get Caught Out Talk to the Experts at ESC

Energy Solution Centre have been offering battery storage systems for a number of years.

We are experienced and well-equipped with proven results and knowledge to guide our clients in selecting the right solar battery Gold Coast storage systems to fit their needs.

Solar Battery Gold Coast is a lucrative and competitive market, and this is why there are so many new companies joining the ranks – however, still have so much to learn. Lots of these suppliers are interstate players and market themselves as either local or national.

This influx of providers has brought forth a lot of cheap battery options and mixed solutions, creating confusion for consumers. Don’t be fooled by cheap batteries and Facebook battery ads designed to bring you in for the upsell.

Let Energy Solution Centre take the stress away

Preparing your home for battery is a complex process. It’s not just a matter of adding a battery and storing excess electricity – there is lots more to it than that.

There is planning that needs to be done to electrically engineer and wire in mains, sub mains, power protection circuits and communications.

Strict rules apply on location, so it’s very important that you have an experienced installer who is up to date with industry standards to ensure safety and compliance. And with this careful planning, comes a cost.

Energy Solution Centre - Solar & Battery Experts

At Energy Solution Centre – we use our own installers who live on the Gold Coast and who are fully certified to professionally install. We see so many new homes being built without the consideration required to prepare a home for batteries.

Missing this crucial opportunity and retrofitting later can cost you thousands of dollars extra if this planning process has not been thoroughly thought through at the build phase... unfortunately, this is where many builders, electricians and even architects can miss very crucial steps.

Energy Solution Centre is multi-solution-minded and multi-accredited. We are one of the biggest Solar Battery Gold Coast installers and our prices are reflective of the true service and outcome that we offer and deliver.

We work closely with builders, electricians, and architects to ensure that the best possible outcome is planned from the very start. We don’t promise to sell you the cheapest battery or solar systems…but we do promise to create the best energy solution to suit your needs.

Don't Hesitate, Come See Us Today!

As a rule of thumb, you can expect to pay $1000 per kWh – so $10,000 plus for a 10kWh battery installation is a good guide to work from. Cheapest is not best in the Solar Battery Gold Coast game.

Saving costs on products could actually end up costing you thousands of dollars more down the track if the planning and design stage has not been professionally considered, well thought out, and planned.

We would urge you to take advantage of the changing times and invest in solar battery Gold Coast storage now, before it becomes more expensive in the coming years. Why not drop into our showroom or call us to discuss your requirements and see for yourself how our service stands out from the rest.

We’re not here to just sell you a battery storage system…. we are here to help you understand the benefits of doing so and to help you save money and add value to your property in the process. We are here to offer you solutions.

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