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The 'Gold' in Gold Coast Solar Companies

We have all heard the stories - a rogue solar retailer has just gone “belly-up,” calls have not been answered, jobs not completed, installers not showing up, deposits not being refunded, solar companies stripped of their accreditations…and so on.

Unfortunately, these tales are more common than we would like to believe, which is why there are more strict industry guidelines in place, along with more severe consequences for those within the industry who are not meeting solar industry standards.

To enforce these standards and encourage buyer confidence, Australia’s peak body for clean energy - Clean Energy Council, has developed a solar buyers guide to help Australian customers avoid the pitfalls when selecting solar electricity providers.

How do you know which company to choose?

It is simple when looking for Gold Coast Solar Companies do not just select those who claim to be “the best” – do your research first.

We encourage you not to fall for the empty promises, the door knockers, or the companies who proclaim to be “the cheapest.”

Choosing solar for your home (or commercial property) is a big decision and a smart investment.

You want to ensure that you are dealing with true professionals and selecting top-quality products, that will not only stand the test of time while adding value to your property.

The Energy Solution Centre Customer Experience

We pride ourselves on being consistent suppliers of top-quality products, exceptional service, professional installations, and exceptional results – EVERY TIME.

Gold Coast Solar Companies are not all created equal and it’s important to understand what separates a great solar company from the rest.

With electricity costs set to soar even further, smart consumers are choosing to insulate themselves against the rising costs of electricity by choosing to go solar; however, cost is not the only thing that should be taken into consideration when deciding on Gold Coast Solar Companies that are right for your needs.

Solar Design & Education Hub on the Gold Coast

We are proudly the only Gold Coast Solar Company with an interactive educational hub, (centrally located at our state-of-the-art showroom in Nerang).

With plenty of off-street parking, we encourage our clients to book in for a consultation (or simply drop in to see what all the fuss is about) and be taken on a visual journey as their solar solution is explained right before their very eyes!

We explain the design and install process using drone imagery on large scale interactive touch screens – making it easy to envision the layout and design features that adding solar to your property will bring.

Have questions? We have the answers! We also love to solve problems, which is why we stand by our name “Energy Solution Centre.”

Our Energy Matters

Not ones to take energy lightly (no pun intended), we believe that energy is paramount, and we bring our enthusiastic and contagious energy to everything that we do!

From the first point of contact with us, you will be welcomed into the business by our leader of first impressions and from there we take great pleasure in LISTENING to your needs before we start talking solar solutions with you.

We genuinely love what we do, and it is felt by everyone that we do business with.

We believe in getting things right the first time and to do that, we place great emphasis on collaborating with our clients at the beginning to design the best solar solution system to meet their needs – when the foundations are right, the rest falls into place effortlessly.

It is this philosophy that puts us high in the ranks of being amongst the best Gold Coast Solar Companies.

What can you expect?

Our processes are solid and clearly defined, we ensure that no stone is left unturned with every job that we book.

Not receiving a call back is not something that you will ever experience with ESC! Our clients are kept up to date each step of the way.

Supporting client confidence is paramount, and it is our focus on delivering exceptional service that creates client satisfaction throughout the ESC solar journey, making us a top pick amongst Gold Coast Solar Companies.

We keep things transparent, so you never have to guess what the process is or where we are at with your job.

Our flow is simple yet effective and we have quality control checks in place to ensure that we are doing an exceptional job at every stage, so you don’t have to!

We invite you to experience for yourself what truly sets us apart from all other Gold Coast Solar Companies.

If you’re ready to make the switch and you are forward-thinking and ready to install solar and battery solutions in your home (or commercial premises), don’t just take our word for it – drop in and see us, or pick up the phone and call, and come and experience the ESC Difference for yourself.

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