Clagiraba Solar & Battery System

Clagiraba Solar & Battery System

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Alan from Clagiraba, Gold Coast observed Energy Solution Centre for quite some time. He often would travel past the showroom meaning to stop in. When he finally did one morning he was met with a knowledgeable and professional team that walked him and his partner through all they needed to know and addressed their immediate questions. Alan was keen to get the ball rolling and from our wealth of experience we knew that due to the type of property, potentially multiple site inspections would be required for design and engineering purposes.

From there, we utilised our state-of-the-art software to propose a preliminary design that would help Alan and his family achieve their energy goals. After the post-site inspection we went back to the drawing board to make adjustments to the design to cater for what we observed and decided with Alan.

For this installation, we decided the best positioning for the solar panels and the RedBack Three Phase Smart Hybrid system was in two separate locations. This allowed us to work within all the legislative requirements and deliver to Alan his desired system. All are part of our customer journey at Energy Solution Centre. To learn more about this process, see The ESC Difference.

From the multiple visits to the residence, we concluded that the best solution involved taking advantage of RedBack's Three Phase Smart Hybrid Inverter System. This solution would work with some existing renewable infrastructure in place as well as provide a scalable storage solution for Alan to achieve his goal of increased autonomy from the grid.

For the Solar side of things, the choice of solar panel Clagiraba ended up being Trina Vertex S+ Solar Panels. Providing this Clagiraba home with high efficiencies, great performance and great value. With 30+ Trina Vertex S+ solar panels, we achieved a system size of over 14kW. Due to some minor obstructions on the roof and late afternoon shade, we utilised shade optimisers specifically on the panels that would be affected. We are able to determine which panels would be affected throughout the process of inspections and 3D modelling via the latest solar and battery design software.

To learn more about the RedBack Smart Hybrid System and how it could support your home, follow the link

A great advantage of the RedBack Three Phase Smart Hybrid is its modular battery system and the ease with which you can scale its capacity. Taking advantage of what is arguably the BEST overall battery on the market today, the RedBack uses Pylontech's US series of batteries. With great efficiency, depth of discharge, and RedBack supported warranty, Alan confidently scaled his battery system to 28.4kWh of energy storage. As part of this battery installation, we connected several critical circuits to the RedBacks backup ports to ensure that when the grid went down, the internet stayed on along with a cold fridge and bright lights!

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They say pictures speak a thousand words, and although we believe this to be true, in addition to exploring the gallery from Alan's installation, below are Google Reviews left after the completion of our installations.

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System Details

Location Clagiraba, Gold Coast
Installation Date August, 2022
System Size 14.1kW
Solution Trina Vertex S+ Solar Panels
Tigo Optimisers
RedBack Three Phase Smart Hybrid Inverter
RedBack Supported Pylontech Batteries
In-Built Battery Management System
In-Built Energy Meter
Carbon Displacement Per Year 16.5 tons
Energy Output Per Year 20,593kWh
Annual Savings +$3,766
Payback Period 10.5 Years
Main Reasons for Purchase Reduce Energy Bills
Increase Energy Autonomy

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