Energising Advancetown Solar System

Energising Advancetown Solar System

This Advancetown Solar System is helping the owner take their power back

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Lynton's initial interaction with the team at Energy Solution Centre Nerang began with multiple visits to our showroom. He sought our help due to having a wrongly sized system installed during the construction of his very large home in Advancetown, Gold Coast. Facing a substantial power bill and exposure to grid outages, Lynton needed the right advice and solution to accommodate his family's growing needs, including adding more electric vehicles and batteries. He expressed a desire to build the system first, gather data, and then add batteries more strategically. Power protection for the family home and granny flat was a key priority for him.

The reason Lynton first interacted with us was because of our local presence, positive reviews, and reputation for being a trusted company. He appreciated our tech centre and saw us as a local and reliable choice for addressing his energy needs.

A unique aspect of this interaction was the technical conversations Lynton had with us during his visits. He valued our ability to analyse his current data deeply and was keen on retaining the existing solar asset, given its reputable manufacturer. Additionally, he had specific needs such as cooling the kids' bedrooms during the summer and ensuring that the system's aesthetics matched his property in Advancetown, Gold Coast.

We ultimately decided to install a brand new 33kW solar system to complement the existing system of 6kW. We ensured the inverters were going to be capable of supporting the expansion and future demands of Lynton around adding battery storage to his home as well as the future integration of EV’s.

The performance of the installed system has since been phenomenal, exceeding Lynton's expectations. It not only addresses his immediate energy needs but also provides room for future expansion for his Advancetown, Gold Coast home. Currently, he is looking to further enhance the system by adding the BYD battery farm to harness the potential of his huge solar array. This project showcases our commitment to delivering tailored solutions that meet our client's unique requirements while exceeding their expectations in terms of performance and reliability.

They say pictures speak a thousand words, and although we believe this to be true, in addition to exploring the gallery from this commercial solar installation, below are Google Reviews left after the completion of our installations.

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System Details

Location Advancetown, Gold Coast
Installation Date October, 2023
System Size 39kW - (33kW new + 6kW existing)
Solution Trina Vertex S+ 440W Solar Panels
Fronius 15kW Symo
Fronius 10kW Symo GEN24
Enphase IQ7's + LG Solar (Existing)
Carbon Displacement Per Year 41.6 tons
Energy Output Per Year 62, 155kWh
Annual Savings + $7,670
Payback Period 5.1 Years
Main Reasons for Purchase Reduce and Control Energy Bills
Grid Independence
Future EV integration
Energy Storage

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